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AWMS offers a wide range of filters standardized according to specific velocities to suit various filtration applications having many references across the world.

Our filters having external vessel in fabricated mild steel or FRP with Automatic & Semiautomatic system available.


AWMS offer filters which are designed internals to achieve higher filtration velocities and ensure even distribution of incoming water and uniform collection of the filtered water and proper dirt removal during backwashing.

Types of Filters we design:

  • Pressure Sand filters: Utilizes Single type sieved and graded sand based media  with Sand, Pebbled & Gravels as support media.

  • Multi grade filters: Utilizes Dual grade of sieved and graded sand based media with graded silex and pebbles as support media.

  • Dual Media filters: Utilizes a combination sieved and graded sand based media with graded garnets as support media.

  • Activated Carbon Filters: Carbon bed media filters are utilized as polishers for residual organics and chlorine, odor & color removal. Various options are available for the carbon media form the normal Iodine value to higher Iodine value carbon for specialized applications.